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Wakefield Manor Court Rolls - Scammonden Valley Land Abstracts 1348 to 1350

The Scammonden Valley land information has mainly been extracted from the Wakefield Court Roll books, which run from 1274 to 1790.

I have also trawled through a large amount of the original 'Court Rolls' based at the YAS and other archive places, which has revelaed some interesting points!!!!

Other sources of information has come from the Broadbent family collection.

As previously noted, divisions of land may lie within the borders of Slaithwaite, Stainland and Barkisland parishes and some land information or land cases i may have missed or dont know about!!!

Any further information please let me know so i can update the database!!!

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Court Session Name of Owner (Freehold) Name of Proprietor or Tenant Location of Land / Sums Assessed  Comments
Date Dwellings
1350 Roll 50B, Mem 12. Grant by Henri de Saville to Richardi Gochagre None The Hey, Scammonden £0'0'9 Grant of meadow and to maintain the gates of Scammonden.  
        Wit. Johen de Stayland, John de Lynley, Robert de Wors & John de Hayna  
18/5/1350 Richard son of Alan de Hey None Hey, Scammonden £0'0'40 A messuage and 20 acres of land  
18/5/1350 Henry son of Adam son of Wilm…. (See Notes) None See Notes £0'2'0 Passage of a messuage and 12 acres of land in Scammonden.
- - - - - Charter from Broadbent collection dated 1150 to 1180 AD. Grant of 12 acres of land 
- - - - - at Wors (Worts hill) from Robt Berbat of Deanhead rented to Edrid Bent..  
- - - - - Secondly from Scammonden enclosure total land part of Worts Hill Side 11'4'45 perches.  
- - - - - From other family charters from the early 1300s a Wylm Deyn (or Brad) was resident at   
- - - - - Deanhead, Scammonden in the early/mid 1300s and also resident at  
- - - - -  Launds Golcar at the sametime.   
- - - - - Possibly family lineage of Henry son of Adam son of Wylm de (Brad or Deyn???)  
(Charter dated c.1280 to 1300 from Broadbent collection. Wylm son of Robt de Brad)  
23/11/1349 Lord of the Manor Of Scammonden (By Service) to: Thomas Bythebrok of Scammonden Scammonden £0'0'12 Takes 4 acres and a cottage in Scammonden. After the death of John son of  
- - - - - Juliana de Midgley (Bastard).  
19/10/1349 Henry de Scammonden None - Plea of Debt Possibly Henry de Brad (From notes above)  
23/9/1349 Henry de Scammonden None - Plea of Debt To answer to the Prior of St Oswald of Nostell Priory who offers  
- - - - - Henry de Scammonden 'Attorney' for plea of debt.  


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