Golcar, Huddersfield West Yorkshire

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The Broadbent Family Tree Of Golcar & Scammonden 1480 to Present

Having researched the Broadbent family for over 20 years, i have finally come to the conclusion the Broadbents are fairly local! Over the years i have compared my research with Broadbent papers and the family bible and recently i have checked bits and pieces and fixed one or two things! Various people have commented on my research and other matters! ....One phrase" You are from Oldham or Saddleworth, from a place called BROADBENT! Yeh right! ....So i have decided to publish a shorthand version of MY BLOOD-LINE ROUTE ONLY, for people researching there family history , who may be connected to the small Broadbent clan of Pole Moor / Scammonden.

Broadbent Family Tree 1742 to Present PAGE-1

Broadbent Family Tree 1536 to 1742 PAGE-2

Broadbent Family Tree 1480 to 1536 PAGE-3

Broadbent Family Tree Pre 1480 PAGE-4


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