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Name  Abode
  Walsh, Clement 1, Ainley Place  
  Marsh, Edgar 3, Ainley Place  
  - 3, Ainley Place  
  Hirst, Clarice 5, Ainley Place  
  Hirst, Herbert 5, Ainley Place  
  Sykes, Frank 7, Ainley Place  
  Sykes, Marjorie 7, Ainley Place  
  Sykes, Mildred 7, Ainley Place  
  Saxton, Mabel 7A, Ainley Place  
  Armstrong, Hilda 9, Ainley Place  
  Armstrong, William Edward, 9, Ainley Place  
  Sykes, Nellie 11, Ainley Place  
  Sykes, Tom 11, Ainley Place  
  Haigh, Harry 15, Ainley Place  
  Haigh, Joan 15, Ainley Place  
  Sykes, Louie 4, Ainley Place  
  Sykes, Irvine 4, Ainley Place  
  Hoyle, Mitchell 6, Ainley Place  
  Jowett, Gladys 8, Ainley Place  
  - 8, Ainley Place  
  Sykes, Alice 10, Ainley Place  
  Sykes, Lizzie 10, Ainley Place  
  - 12, Ainley Place  
  Bamforth, Joe 12, Ainley Place  
  Bamforth, Eric 14, Ainley Place  
  Bamforth, Kathleen R 14, Ainley Place  
  Bamforth, Nellie 14, Ainley Place  
  Bamforth, Sam 16, Ainley Place  
  - Bailey Slacks  
  Hughes, Rose H 1, Barrett  
  - 1, Barrett  
  Taylor, Lilian 4, Barrett  
  Taylor, Joseph 4, Barrett  
  - 4, Barrett  
  Carter, Ernest 5, Barrett  
  Mellor, Frank 6, Barrett  
  Mellor, Hilda 6, Barrett  
  Haigh, Seth 1, Barrett Clough Head  
  - 1, Barrett Clough Head  
  Smith, Grace 2, Barrett Clough Head  
  Smith, John H 2, Barrett Clough Head  
  - 2, Barrett Clough Head  
  Whitby, Marjorie Barrett Style  
  Whitby, Matthew Sidney Barrett Style  
  - Bents  
  Wood, Elsie 1, Birks  
  Wood, Noel W 1, Birks  
  Wood, Thomas G 1, Birks  
  Robinson, Edith A 2, Birks  
  Robinson, Tom 2, Birks  
  - Burnt Platts  
  Varley, Edna Lower Bradshaw  
  Varley, Stanley Lower Bradshaw  
  - Middle Bradshaw  
  Gleason, Patrick 2, Upper Bradshaw  
  Saville, Douglas 3, Upper Bradshaw  
  Saville, Mavis 3, Upper Bradshaw  
  Woodhouse, John E 5, Upper Bradshaw  
  Woodhouse, Lizzie 5, Upper Bradshaw  
  Farrington, Peter 1, Cartgate Foot  
  Farrington, Shelia 1, Cartgate Foot  
  Brown, Anne 2, Cartgate Foot  
  Brown, William 2, Cartgate Foot  
  Denby, Frank 4, Cartgate Foot  
  Denby, Ruth 4, Cartgate Foot  
  Parkin, Elsie Cartgate Head  
  Parkin, Percy Cartgate Head  
  - Causeway Lane  
  Haigh, Wilfred 1, Cockley Cote  
  Haigh, Sarah A 1, Cockley Cote  
  Hirst, Annie 2, Cockley Cote  
  Hirst, Horace 2, Cockley Cote  
  Dyson, Andrew 3, Cockley Cote  
  Dyson, Florence E 3, Cockley Cote  
  Mc Murray, Evelyn 1, Cockley Top  
  Bailey John 2, Cockley Top  
  Dyson, Eva 2, Goat Hill  
  Dyson, John R 2, Goat Hill  
  Dyson, Ernest S 3, Goat Hill  
  Dyson, Nellie 3, Goat Hill  
  Park, Brian Rex Goat Hill End  
  Park, Bruce R Goat Hill End  
  Park, Florence Goat Hill End  
  - Goat Hill End  
  Park, Kenneth A Goat Hill End  
  Sutcliffe, Georgina 11, Goat Hill End (Old Hall), Tenant of Broadbent Family  
  Sutcliffe, Thomas 11, Goat Hill End (Old Hall), Tenant of Broadbent Family  
  - 12, Goat Hill End (Old Hall)  
  Eagland, James A Gosling Green  
  Eagland, Ruth Gosling Green  
  Eagland, Evelyn Gosling Green  
  Eagland, Hilton Gosling Green  
  Firth, John E 1, Laund (Far)  
  Firth, Norma 1, Laund (Far)  
  Mellor, Barbara M 2, Laund (Far)  
  Mellor, Willie 2, Laund (Far)  
    Middle Laund  
  Bamforth, Stanley Lower Laund  
  Wilson, Dorothy 2, Merrydale  
  Wilson, Robert C 2, Merrydale  
  Gledhill, Lizzie S Moorgate  
  Gledhill, Walter Moorgate  
  Burrow, John G 1, Moorside  
  Burrow, Margaret 1, Moorside  
  Whyatt, James T 2, Moorside  
  Whyatt, Mary H 2, Moorside  
  - 2, Moorside  
  Gee, Alwyn 3, Moorside  
  Gee, Joan 3, Moorside  
  Sykes, Fred 4, Moorside  
  Atkinson, Louie 5, Moorside Edge  
  Atkinson, Tom 5, Moorside Edge  
  - 6, Moorside Edge  
  Synley, Lily 6, Moorside Edge  
  Sunley, William 6, Moorside Edge  
  Green, Eric 8, Moorside Edge  
  Green, Joan  8, Moorside Edge  
  Eaton, George Moor Top  
  Haigh, David Moss  
  Owen, Bobby 1, Mount Pleasant  
  Owen, Carmen H 1, Mount Pleasant  
  Owen, Thomas H 1, Mount Pleasant  
  - Mount Pleasant  
  Jackson, Edna Upper New Gate  
  Jackson, Agnes M Upper New Gate  
  Jackson, Leslie Upper New Gate  
  Woodhouse, Selwyn New Gate  
  Woodhouse, Thelma New Gate  
  - Owlers Clough (Orders Clough)  
  Bulmer, Fred 1, Pickle Top  
  Bulmer, Joan 1, Pickle Top  
  Hartley, Frank 2, Pickle Top  
  Hartley, Norah S 2, Pickle Top  
  Martindale, Ellen 3, Pickle Top  
  Martindale, Eric 3, Pickle Top  
  Levell, Lizzie 4, Pickle Top  
  Levell, Percy 4, Pickle Top  
  Royle, Florence 5, Pickle Top  
  Royle, Fred 5, Pickle Top  
  Hoyle, Muriel 6, Pickle Top  
  Hoyle, Royston 6, Pickle Top  
  Smith, Geoffrtey 7, Pickle Top  
  Cook, Ernest 1, Pole Gate  
  Cook, Sarah C 1, Pole Gate  
  Dodson, William 2, Pole Gate  
  Sunley, Ethel 2, Pole Gate  
  - 2, Pole Gate  
  - 2, Pole Gate  
  Allen, Joseph W A Pole Gate Farm  
  Hale, Bessie Poor House  
  Horne, Winnie Poor House  
  Dodson, Joe E Potters  
  Smith, Lily Reaps  
  Smith, Walker Reaps  
  Varley, Desmond Shred (School House)  
  Varley, John Shred (School House)  
  Varley, Nancy Shred (School House)  
  Sugden, Martha 1, Tiding Field  
  - 2, Tiding Field  
  Bamforth, Fred 2, Tiding Field  
  - 2, Tiding Field  
  Bamforth, Margaret 2, Tiding Field  
  - Top oth Moor  
  Hirst, Douglas Thorn  
  Hirst, Florence Thorn  
  Bottomley, Frank West End  
  Bottomley, Edith West End  
  Bamforth, John W 1, Wilberlee  
  Bamforth, Percy 1, Wilberlee  
  Bray, Whitfield 4, Wilberlee  
  Mellor, Elsie F 8, Wilberlee  
  Mellor, Stanley 8, Wilberlee  
  Rowell, Peggy 9, Wilberlee  
  Rowell, Wilfred 9, Wilberlee  
  Bottomley, Esther 11, Wilberlee  
  Bottomley, Harry, 11, Wilberlee  
  Williams Nancy 11A, Wilberlee  
  Williams Stanley 11A, Wilberlee  
  Eagland, Joe 1, Wool Royd  
  Eagland, Mary 1, Wool Royd  
  Hoyle, Clifford 3, Wool Royd  
  Sykes, Fred 4, Wool Royd  
  Sykes, Janey 4, Wool Royd  
  Sykes, Roy 4, Wool Royd  
  Gledhill, Annie 1, Lower Worts Hill  
  Gledhill, Harry 1, Lower Worts Hill  
  Gledhill, Nathan 1, Lower Worts Hill  
  Gledhill, William 1, Lower Worts Hill  
  Stainsby, Henry 3, Lower Worts Hill  
  Stainsby, Marjorie 3, Lower Worts Hill  
  Pierce, Hetty 4, Lower Worts Hill  
  Pierce, Jack 4, Lower Worts Hill  
Garside, Harry Far Worts Hill
Garside, Mary Far Worts Hill
- Far Worts Hill
- Worts Hill Slack


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