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Slaithwaite Manor Court Rolls - Pole Moor Area Abstracts 1681/82

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Court Session Suitors of The Court  Court Details: Name of Owner (Freehold) Name of Proprietor or Tenant Location of Land / Sum Paid At Court: Comments
Date Dwellings.
4/10/1682 George Dyson, Widow Wilkinson, James Raunsley, James Hurst, - - - -
William Knight, Widow Walker, Janet Walker, Abraham Hirst, 1. That no person shall come or go across over a close belonging to Michael Aneley from the   
Edmund Sykes, Josia Bothomley, Edmund Walker, (of Crimble), Aneley Place and the Cockley (Cockley Top) for such default £0'5'0  
Joseph Bamforth, Elizabeth Broadbent Widow (of Cop Hill), Widow Dyson,  
(of Holme), John Sykes (of Boothebankes), Nathan Bothomley, Widow Haigh, 2. That no person shall come or go across a close belonging to the said Michael Aneley called  
(of Wilberlee), James Bawmforth (of Barrett), John France (of Wilberlee), the Carringe for every such default.  
Edward Parkin, John Dyson (of Booth), John France (of Holme), Wilm France,  
George Thorpe, William Dyson (of Parocke), John Hoyle (of Woolroide),  
Samuel France (of Shawefield), Widow Sykes, John Haigh (Shawfield),  
Mich Bynns, James Shawe (of Birkes), Edward Marsden, John Sykes…  
(of Netherend), Mich Aneley, Wilm Sykes (of Shawfield), Thomas Sykes..  
(of the same), John Shaw (of Newclose), John Armitage (of Anely Place),  
John Maymforth, James Armitage (of Rocher), John Sykes (Shawfield),  
Samuel Bothomley, James Sykes, John Shaw (Inghead), Robert Parkin,    
Edmund Sykes, John Anely (of Heath), John Mellor (of Parkgate), Rich. Cowper    
Wilm Buckley, Charles Dyson, John Wasterhouse, James Wood, James Armitage,    
(of Newgate), Rich Lighowlers, Rebeca Lightowlers, James Sykes (of Laith),    
Willam France, Elizabeth Sykes, Thomas Pearson, James Broadbent    
(of Worts hill), Widow Townend, John Bothomley (of Longlands), Matthew Bently,    
Edmund Horsfall, George Horsfall (of Chapell), George Sykes, Joseph Shaw,    
Janet Bothomley (of Chapell), John Haigh (of Wareinggbottom), Thomas Carter,    
Thomas Sykes (of Booth), John Gleadhill, James Gleadhill (of Copp), John Anely    
(of Lingarths), Wilm Brookesbank, Humphrey Kay, Wilm Dysonn (of Newhouse),    
Edward Dysaon, Matthew Walker, Wilm Sykes, John Mellor, John Hirst, Jonathan Carter,    
John Sykes (of Lingarths), John Harlin, James Pogson, Joseph Wood, Gevasie Wilkinson,    
Edmund Lees, James Mayes, Widow Caluerley, Simon Dalton, Geo Armitage,    
George Armitage Jnr, Samuel Cheetham, James Banks, Edmund Sykes (of Slaithwaite hall)    
, Edward Hoyle, Edmund Sykes (of Mickletoft), Widow Hoyle (of Wilberlee), James Cowper    
(of Hilltop), Joshua Cowper, John Armitage (of Anley Place), James Shaw Jnr (of Cop),    
Jonathan Shaw, John Cock, John Haigh, Abraham Shawe, Edmund Knight, Josh Sugden,    
Joseph Hall (Launds), John Sykes (of Slaithwaite Hall), Eneas Bothomley and    
Joseph Wood (Butcher).    
4/10/1681 Suitors as same court date 4/10/1682 1.That no person shall come or goe between the Ryefield gate and Meal hill out of the way with     
horse or load except upon necessity in for every such default to forefeit.  


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