Slaithwaite, Green to Newhouse 1920 Electrol Roll

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Name  Abode Notes
  Alice Garside 6, Highfield  
  Fred Garside 6, Highfield  
    Highfield Gate  
  David Haigh Green  
  Harold Haigh Green  
  Charlotte Hirst Nursery Nook  
  Ellis Hirst Newhouse  
  Sarah Ellen Hirst Newhouse  
  Alice Hoyle 4, Highfield  
  Frank Carter Hoyle 1, Highfield  
  Joel Hoyle 4, Highfield  
  John Hoyle Mount Pleasant  
  Eliza Ann Lounds Nursery Nook  
  Dyson Lumb 2, Highfield  
  Lily Peace Highfield  
  John William Pearson Mount Pleasant  
  Martha Ann Pearson Mount Pleasant  
Name  Abode Notes
  Emma Shaw Heath  
  George Shaw Heath  
  Willie Shaw Heath  
  George Varley 7, Highfield  
  Mary Varley 7, Highfield  
  Mary Wood Mount Pleasant  
  No Voters Nab  
  No Voters Broomfield  
  No Voters Bunkers Hill  


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