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Wakefield Manor Court Rolls - Scammonden Valley Land Abstracts 1550/52

The Scammonden Valley land information has been extracted from the Wakefield Court Roll books, which run from 1274 to 1813.

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Court Session Details: Name of Owner (Freehold) Name of Proprietor or Tenant Location of Land / Sum Paid At Court: Comments
Date Dwellings.
2/10/1552 John Grene elected grave of Scammonden. - - - -
(Deputy, William Bothomley) - - - -
10/6/1552 Margaret Firthe, Alice Firthe, daughters and heirs As Details George Firth Firth House Mill 0'0'12 Fine/Rent: Blank 2 Parts of a third part of one messuage and 2 parts of a third part of 12 acres of land and
- of John Firthe surrender: - (son of John Firth) Scammonden - meadow (at Firth House Mill). One parcel of land called the Blad. To the use of George Firth,
  son of John Firth.
3/5/1552 Thomas Foxecrofte, lords tenant Thomas Foxecrofte to: John Norcliffe Hanhead,Scammonden 0'0'20 Fine/Rent: 0'33'4
8/4/1552 Edward Hey surrenders: Edward Hey to: George Wormall Scammonden 0'0'20 Fine/Rent: Blank
3/10/1550 William Denton elected grave of Scammonden, - - - -


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