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West Scammonden - Slaithwaite Side - 1841 Census

Census fields from left to right are:


Launds Library MAIN PAGE

Abode, Surname, Forename(s),  Age, Occupation, 
Moss                          Archer Sarah 40 
Moss                          Archer William 56 Mason 
Pole Gate                   Armitage Alice 49 
High New Gate            Armitage Ben 5 
Bank Top                    Armitage Benjamin 35 Weaver
High New Gate            Armitage Bettey 30
Pole Gate                   Armitage Caroline 20
Pole Gate                   Armitage Daniel 16
High New Gate            Armitage George 9
Pole Gate                   Armitage Harriot 22
High New Gate            Armitage James 3
Pole Gate                   Armitage James 11
Pole Gate                   Armitage John 14
High New Gate            Armitage Jonathan 35 Labourer
High New Gate            Armitage Joseph 14
High New Gate            Armitage Joseph 60 Farmer
Pole Gate                   Armitage Thomas 17
Pole Gate                   Armitage Thomas 60 Farmer
Cockley Top               Bailey Benjamin 3
Pole Gate                   Bailey Benjamin 30 Weaver
Cartgate Foot             Bailey Benjamin 60 Weaver
Cartgate Foot             Bailey Elizabeth 25
Cartgate Foot             Bailey Hannah 2
Cockley Top               Bailey Hannah 8
Cockley Top               Bailey John 37 Weaver
Cartgate Foot             Bailey Martha 20
Pole Gate                   Bailey Mary 25
Cockley Top               Bailey Sarah 5m
Cartgate Foot             Bailey Sarah 30
Cockley Top               Bailey William 6
Cockley Top               Bailey William 25
Cockley Top               Bailey William 66 Weaver
Abode, Surname, Forename(s),  Age, Occupation, 
Wortshill                     Bamforth Ann 19
Goat Hill End              Bamforth Ann 45
Far Laund                  Bamforth Benjamin 25 Weaver
Barrett                       Bamforth Betty 21 Weaver
Barrett                       Bamforth Betty 25
Goat Hill End              Bamforth David 8
Far Laund                  Bamforth Edmund 2
Barrett                       Bamforth Edmund 55 Farmer
Barrett                       Bamforth Edmund 60 Farmer
Barrett                       Bamforth Elizabeth 3
Far Laund                  Bamforth George 15
Goat Hill End              Bamforth George 15
Goat Hill End              Bamforth Godfery 15
Barrett                       Bamforth Hannah 7
Far Laund                  Bamforth Hannah 15
Barrett                       Bamforth Hannah 31
Abode, Surname, Forename(s),  Age, Occupation, 
Far Laund                  Bamforth Hannah 50
Barrett                       Bamforth Hannah 55 Pauper
Cartgate Foot             Bamforth Hannah 60 Farmer
Goat Hill End              Bamforth James 10
Barrett                       Bamforth James 20 Joiner & Merchant
Barrett                       Bamforth James 25 Labourer
Goat Hill End              Bamforth James 45 Fancy Weaver
Tiding Field                Bamforth James 47
Tiding Field                Bamforth James 76 Clothier
Barrett                      Bamforth John 1
New Close                Bamforth John 6
Wortshill                   Bamforth John 18 Apprentice
Far Laund                 Bamforth John 20
Goat Hill End             Bamforth John 20
Abode, Surname, Forename(s),  Age, Occupation, 
Wortshill                    Bamforth John 35 Weaver
Barrett                      Bamforth John 45 Joiner & Merchant
Far Laund                 Bamforth John 50 Weaver
New Close                Bamforth John 67 Fancy Weaver
Barrett                     Bamforth John 67 Joiner
New Close               Bamforth Joseph 4
Wortshill                  Bamforth Joseph 60
Wortshill                  Bamforth Joseph 60 Weaver
Moss                      Bamforth Joshua 25 Fancy Weaver
New Close              Bamforth Joshua 35
Goat Hill End           Bamforth Mariah 21
New Close              Bamforth Mariah 30
Barrett                    Bamforth Martha 5
New Close              Bamforth Mary 9m
Barrett                    Bamforth Mary 20
Tiding Field              Bamforth Mary 76
New Gate                Bamforth Sarah 10
New Close               Bamforth Sarah 60
Goat Hill End            Bamforth Thomas 7
Tiding Field               Bamforth William 20
Abode, Surname, Forename(s),  Age, Occupation, 
Barrett                     Bardsly Edmund Taylor 18
Barrett                     Bardsly Hannah 45
Pickle Top                Beaumont Mary 47
Pickle Top                Beaumont William 45 Woollen Weaver
West End                 Bottomley James 15
West End                 Bottomley James 45 Labourer
West End                 Bottomley John 20
West End                 Bottomley Salley 45
Pickle Top                Carter Abraham 18
Pickle Top                Carter Charlotte 45 Weaver
Pickle Top                Carter Daniel 20
Pickle Top                Carter Elizabeth 12
Pickle Top                Carter Hannah 15
Pickle Top                Carter Jane 50 
Pickle Top                Carter Sarah 20
Pickle Top                Carter Sophia 6
Abode, Surname, Forename(s),  Age, Occupation, 
Wool Royd               Charlesworth Betty 9
Wool Royd               Charlesworth Jane 4
Wool Royd               Charlesworth John 40 Weaver
Wool Royd               Charlesworth Jonathan 6
Wool Royd               Charlesworth Joseph 2
Wool Royd               Charlesworth Mary 10
Wool Royd               Charlesworth Sarah 35
Wool Royd               Charlesworth Susanna 20
Pickle Top                Chesworth Aaron 39 Labourer
Pickle Top                Chesworth Elizabeth 6
Pickle Top                Chesworth John 2
Pickle Top                Chesworth Lydia 44
Thorps                     Clay Alice 40
Thorps                     Clay James 8
Thorps                     Clay James 50 Cordwainer
Thorps                     Clay Richard 45 Slubber
Thorps                     Clay Sally 35
Near Laund              Cock Mary 20
Near Laund              Cock Thomas 20 Weaver
Abode, Surname, Forename(s),  Age, Occupation, 
Thorps                     Dransfield Betty 20 Cotton Twister
Thorps                     Dransfield Betty 40 Farmer
Thorps                     Dransfield Edmund 25 Silk Spinner
Thorps                     Dransfield Elizabeth 1
Thorps                     Dransfield James 6
Thorps                     Dransfield Jane 4
Thorps                     Dransfield John Edwin 3
Thorps                     Dransfield Joseph 19
Thorps                     Dransfield Martha 2
Thorps                     Dransfield Mary 25
Thorps                     Dransfield Samuel 9
Thorps                     Dransfield Sarah 20
Thorps                     Dransfield Thomas 17
Burnt Plats               Dyson Ann 7
Burnt Plats               Dyson Betty 45
Pickle Top                Dyson Daniel 25 Woollen Weaver
Burnt Plats               Dyson Ellen 9
Burnt Plats               Dyson George 35 Weaver
Gosling Green          Dyson John 5
Burnt Plats               Dyson Marey 12
Burnt Plats               Dyson Martha 10
Gosling Green          Dyson Mary 10m
Gosling Green          Dyson Mary 35
Burnt Plats               Dyson Salley 15
Gosling Green          Dyson Sarah 10
Gosling Green          Dyson Thomas 40 Weaver
Pickle Top                Dyson William 25 Boatman
Abode, Surname, Forename(s),  Age, Occupation, 
Goat Hill                   France Alice 39
Bents                       France Alus 4
Goat Hill                   France Betty 3
Pickle Top                France Ellen 6
Bents                       France Henry 20 Weaver
Goat Hill                   France James 7
Pickle Top                France Jane 25
Bents                       France Joseph 2
Goat Hill                   France Joseph 12
Pickle Top                France Joseph 30 Woollen Weaver
Cocking                    France Leah 20
Bents                       France Martha 20
Pickle Top                France Mary Ann 3
Goat Hill                   France William 10
Goat Hill                   France William 55 Clothier
Pole Gate                 Gledhill Ann 3
Pole Gate                 Gledhill James 7
Pole Gate                 Gledhill Jane 1
Pole Gate                 Gledhill John 10
Thorps                      Gledhill John 20 Slubber
Thorps                      Gledhill Martha 15 Tape Weaver
Thorps                      Gledhill Martha 52 Weaver
Pole Gate                 Gledhill Mary 35
Pole Gate                 Gledhill Robert 35 Publican
Thorps                      Gledhill Sarah 25
Thorps                      Gledhill Sarah Jane 2
Thorps                      Gledhill Thomas 15
Abode, Surname, Forename(s),  Age, Occupation, 
Cockley Cote             Haigh Allen 15 
Cockley Cote             Haigh Ann 2
Cockley Cote             Haigh Benjamin 19
Cockley Cote             Haigh Benjamin 36 Fancy Weaver
Cockley Cote             Haigh Bettey 1
Wortshill                    Haigh Betty 8
Cockley Cote             Haigh Betty 40
Cockley Cote             Haigh Dan 7
Wortshill                    Haigh Daniel 10
Cockley Cote             Haigh Elizabeth 9
Cockley Cote             Haigh Ephraim 5
Wortshill                    Haigh Hannah 12
Cockley Cote             Haigh Hannah 20
Cockley Cote             Haigh Hannah 25
Abode, Surname, Forename(s),  Age, Occupation, 
Wortshill                    Haigh Hannah 33
Wortshill                    Haigh James 36
Cockley Cote             Haigh James 45 Weaver
Cockley Cote             Haigh Jane 13
Cockley Cote             Haigh John 31 Weaver 
Wortshill                    Haigh John 32
Cockley Cote             Haigh Joseph 9
Cockley Cote             Haigh Marey 15
Cartgate Foot            Haigh Martha 70 Pauper
Wortshill                    Haigh Mary 5
Cockley Cote             Haigh Mary 32
Cockley Cote             Haigh Mary 60
Barrett                      Haigh Mary B 15
Cockley Cote             Haigh Nancy 20
Cockley Cote             Haigh William 11
Wortshill                    Haigh William 12
Abode, Surname, Forename(s),  Age, Occupation, 
Cartgate Foot            Hirst Abraham 10
Wortshill                    Hirst Alice 32
Wortshill                    Hirst Betty 15
Wortshill                    Hirst Betty 37
Wortshill                    Hirst Betty 54 Weaver
Pickle Top                 Hirst Charles 35 Weaver
New Gate                  Hirst Charlotte 20
Wortshill                    Hirst David 9
Wortshill                    Hirst Edmond 6
Wortshill                    Hirst Edmond 11
Wortshill                    Hirst Edmund 4
Wortshill                    Hirst Elizabeth 4m
Pickle Top                 Hirst Elizabeth 6
Pickle Top                 Hirst Hannah 2
Wortshill                    Hirst Hannah 9
Wortshill                    Hirst Hannah 9
Wortshill                    Hirst Hannah 20
Wortshill                    Hirst Hannah 33
Cartgate Foot            Hirst Hannah 34
Wortshill                    Hirst Hannah 36
Wortshill                    Hirst Hannah 49
Abode, Surname, Forename(s),  Age, Occupation, 
Cartgate Foot            Hirst Henry 14
Far Laund                  Hirst Henry 30 Weaver
Wortshill                    Hirst Henry 31 Fancy Weaver
Wortshill                    Hirst James 12
Wortshill                    Hirst James 12
Wortshill                    Hirst James 26
Wortshill                    Hirst James 41 Clothier
Thorps                      Hirst James 60 Labourer
Pickle Top                 Hirst Jane 25
Pickle Top                 Hirst John 4
Wortshill                    Hirst John 12
Wortshill                    Hirst John 14
Wortshill                    Hirst John 18
New Gate                  Hirst John 25 Weaver
Cartgate Foot            Hirst John 39 Weaver
Wortshill                    Hirst Jonathan 36 Weaver
Pickle Top                 Hirst Joseph 8
Thorps                      Hirst Joseph 15
Wortshill                    Hirst Joseph 21
Abode, Surname, Forename(s),  Age, Occupation, 
Wortshill                    Hirst Joseph 52 Clothier
Wortshill                    Hirst Joshua 12
Wortshill                    Hirst Joshua 14
Wortshill                    Hirst Levinah 5
Wortshill                    Hirst Martha 6
Wortshill                    Hirst Mary 10
Cartgate Foot            Hirst Mary 12
Wortshill                    Hirst Mary 16
Pickle Top                 Hirst Mary Ann 10
New Gate                  Hirst Nancy 55 Winder
Wortshill                    Hirst Sarah 13
Thorps                      Hirst Sarah 15
Wortshill                    Hirst Sarah 24
Wortshill                    Hirst William 3
Wortshill                    Hirst William 11
New Close                 Hoyle Alice 20
Wool Royd                 Hoyle Ann 17
New Close                 Hoyle Anthony 40 Fancy Weaver
Wool Royd                 Hoyle Benjamin 9
Wool Royd                 Hoyle Benjamin 10
Abode, Surname, Forename(s),  Age, Occupation, 
Wool Royd                 Hoyle Benjamin 65 Weaver
Wool Royd                 Hoyle Betty 60
Wool Royd                 Hoyle Dan 14
New Close                 Hoyle Elias 4
Wool Royd                 Hoyle Elizabeth
New Close                  Hoyle Elizabeth 24
New Close                  Hoyle Enoch 7
New Close                  Hoyle Hannah 15
New Close                  Hoyle Hannah 55 Independent
Wool Royd                  Hoyle Hannah 60
Wool Royd                  Hoyle Henry 35 Weaver
Wool Royd                  Hoyle James 1
Wool Royd                  Hoyle James 20
Wool Royd                  Hoyle James 20
New Close                  Hoyle James 22
Wool Royd                  Hoyle John 3
New Close                  Hoyle John 9
New Close                  Hoyle John 20
Wool Royd                  Hoyle John 20
Wool Royd                  Hoyle John 40 Excise Officer
Wool Royd                  Hoyle Joseph 12
Wool Royd                  Hoyle Joseph 70 Farmer
New Close                   Hoyle Levinah 2
Abode, Surname, Forename(s),  Age, Occupation, 
Wool Royd                   Hoyle Martha 5
New Close                   Hoyle Martha 13
Wool Royd                   Hoyle Mary 7
Wool Royd                   Hoyle Mary 35
Wool Royd                   Hoyle Nancey 11
Wool Royd                   Hoyle Sarah 15
New Close                   Hoyle Sarah 18
New Close                   Hoyle Sarah 46
Wool Royd                   Hoyle Susey 30
Wool Royd                   Hoyle Thomas 30 Weaver
Cartgate Foot               Mellor Adam 18
Wortshill Slack              Mellor Alice 20
Cartgate Foot               Mellor Benjamin 6
Wortshill Slack              Mellor Betty 25
Cartgate Foot               Mellor Elizabeth 2
Cartgate Foot               Mellor George 12
Wortshill Slack              Mellor James 14
Wortshill Slack              Mellor James 47 Clothier
Cartgate Foot               Mellor John 14
Cartgate Foot               Mellor John 46 Weaver
Abode, Surname, Forename(s),  Age, Occupation, 
Cartgate Foot               Mellor Joseph 16
Wortshill Slack              Mellor Martha 16
Wortshill Slack              Mellor Martha 50
Wortshill Slack              Mellor Mary 18
Cartgate Foot               Mellor Nancy 44
Cartgate Foot               Mellor Susannah 20
Ainley Place                  Mellor Thomas 10m
Cartgate Foot               Mellor Thomas 9
Burnt Platt                    Parkin Fanny 70 Cadger
Cartgate Foot               Parkin Hannah 5
Burnt Platt                    Parkin James 10
Cartgate Foot               Parkin Jane 2
Wortshill Slack              Parkin Jane 18
Cartgate Foot               Parkin John 6m
Cartgate Foot               Parkin Joseph 30 Weaver
Burnt Platt                    Parkin Mary 15
Cartgate Foot               Parkin Nancy 25
Burnt Platt                    Parkin Sarah 39
Abode, Surname, Forename(s),  Age, Occupation, 
Burnt Platt                    Parkin Thomas 14
Burnt Platt                    Parkin Thomas 70 Weaver
Merrydale                     Parkin William 4
Burnt Platt                    Parkin William 38 Weaver
Burnt Plats                    Pearson Betty 5
Burnt Plats                    Pearson Eliza 2
Middle Laund                 Pearson Ephraim 3
Burnt Plats                    Pearson Grace 30
Middle Laund                 Pearson Grace 35
Middle Laund                 Pearson Hannah 6
Burnt Platt                     Pearson Hannah 10
Middle Laund                 Pearson Henry 1
Middle Laund                 Pearson Jacob 12
Wortshill Slack               Pearson James 1
Cartgate Foot                Pearson James 19
Wortshill Slack               Pearson John 6
Middle Laund                 Pearson John 15
Cartgate Foot                Pearson John 25
Burnt Plats                     Pearson John 35 Weaver
Burnt Platt                      Pearson John 50 Weaver
Burnt Plats                     Pearson John 60 Farmer
Middle Laund                  Pearson Jonathan 10 
Wortshill Slack                Pearson Joseph 5
Burnt Platt                      Pearson Joseph 5
Burnt Plats                      Pearson Joseph 10
Cartgate Foot                  Pearson Joseph 26
Wortshill Slack                 Pearson Joseph 37 Fancy Weaver
Wortshill Slack                 Pearson Mary 7
Burnt Platt                       Pearson Nancy 50
Burnt Plats                      Pearson Sarah 10
Wortshill Slack                 Pearson Sarah 28
Burnt Platt                       Pearson Thomas 16
Middle Laund                   Pearson Thomas 35 Labourer
Burnt Platt                       Pearson William 12
Cartgate Foot                  Pearson William 50 Weaver
Abode, Surname, Forename(s),  Age, Occupation, 
Middle Laund                   Shaw Alice 8
Far Laund                        Shaw Ephraim 10
Middle Laund                   Shaw Hannah 6
Middle Laund                   Shaw Henry 15
Far Laund                        Shaw James 15
Middle Laund                   Shaw Jane 1
New Gate                        Shaw Job 20
Middle Laund                   Shaw John 20
Middle Laund                   Shaw Jonas 4
Middle Laund                   Shaw Jonathan 13
New Gate                        Shaw Joseph 15
New Gate                        Shaw Joseph 65 Winder
Middle Laund                   Shaw Mary 40
New Gate                        Shaw Mary 60
Middle Laund                   Shaw Michal 45 Weaver
Far Laund                        Shaw Reuben 5
Middle Laund                   Shaw Thomas 11
Abode, Surname, Forename(s),  Age, Occupation, 
Near Laund                      Sugden Ann 4 
Near Laund                      Sugden Betty 6
Far Laund                        Sugden Betty 13
Wortshill Slack                 Sugden Betty 60
Near Laund                      Sugden Betty 60 Farmer
Far Laund                        Sugden David 8
Far Laund                        Sugden Hannah 20
Far Laund                        Sugden James 20
Near Laund                      Sugden James 25 Weaver
Far Laund                        Sugden James 50 Excavator
Near Laund                      Sugden Jane 2
Far Laund                        Sugden Jane 2 
Far Laund                        Sugden John 25
Far Laund                        Sugden Jonathan 10
Near Laund                      Sugden Mally 20
Far Laund                        Sugden Mariah 24
Far Laund                        Sugden Mary 
Far Laund                        Sugden Ralph 5
Far Laund                        Sugden Sarah 45
Near Laund                      Sugden Susannah 20
Abode, Surname, Forename(s),  Age, Occupation, 
Cartgate Foot                  Sykes Abraham 8
Pickle Top                       Sykes Alice 20
Bent Ing                          Sykes David 10m
Cartgate Foot                  Sykes Edmond 20
Cartgate Foot                  Sykes Firth 3
Near Wortshill                  Sykes Grace 40
Near Wortshill                  Sykes Hannah 4
Burnt Platt                       Sykes Hannah 34
Cartgate Foot                  Sykes Hannah 44
Bent Ing                          Sykes James 13
Pickle Top                       Sykes James 20
Cartgate Foot                  Sykes James 22
Cockley Top                    Sykes James 30
Barrett                            Sykes James 40 Boatman
Cartgate Foot                  Sykes James 63 Farmer
Abode, Surname, Forename(s),  Age, Occupation, 
Pickle Top                       Sykes John 15
Burnt Platt                       Sykes John 36 Weaver
Bent Ing                          Sykes John 40 Boatman
Barrett                            Sykes John 70 Excavator
Cartgate Foot                  Sykes Jonathan 11
Bent Ing                          Sykes Joseph 3
Near Wortshill                  Sykes Joseph 40 Weaver
Bent Ing                          Sykes Joshua 6
Cartgate Foot                  Sykes Martha 1
Cockley Top                    Sykes Martha 21
Pickle Top                       Sykes Mary 6
Near Laund                     Sykes Mary 9
Cartgate Foot                 Sykes Mary 15
Near Wortshill                 Sykes Matilda 8
Bent Ing                         Sykes Nancy 11
Burnt Platt                      Sykes Rachel 17
Cartgate Foot                 Sykes Robert 6
Cartgate Foot                 Sykes Samuel 48 Weaver
Cartgate Foot                 Sykes Sarah 13
Bent Ing                         Sykes Sarah 39
Cartgate Foot                 Sykes Seth 16
Bent Ing                         Sykes Sophia 8
Barrett                           Sykes Thomas 25 Weaver
Pickle Top                      Sykes Thomas 60 Weaver
Bent Ing                         Sykes William 10
Near Wortshill                 Sykes William 13
Abode, Surname, Forename(s),  Age, Occupation, 
Pickle Top                      Thewlis Hannah 75
Pickle Top                      Thewlis Martha 33
Barrett                           Wood Betty 15
Bent Ing                         Wood Dorothy 28
Barrett Clough                Wood Edmund 20 Fancy Weaver
Barrett                           Wood Edmund 40 Fancy Weaver
Bent Ing                         Wood James 1
Bent Ing                         Wood Johnson 5
Bent Ing                         Wood Joseph 30 Fancy Weaver

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