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Allsopp Alfred Wall Nook Farm
Allsop Mary A Wall Nook Farm
Armitage John E Great Field Head Farm
Arnold Maria Carr Top Cottage 1
Arnold Peter A Carr Top Cottage 1
Atkinson Albert Hardenby Cottage
Atkinson Dotothy A Hardenby Cottage
Baker Alan Deanhead Farm
Baker Alfred Deanhead Farm
Baker Frank Deanhead Farm
Baker Gladys Deanhead Farm
Barker Arnold Royal Ings 1
Barker Emily Royal Ings 1
Barker Joan Royal Ings 2
Barker John Royal Ings 2
Bates William Green Slacks Farm
Bayldon Charles A New Hey Farm
Bayldon Enid New Hey Farm
Bentham Elizabeth Frances Great Field Head Farm
Bentham John Great Field Head Farm
Berry Alice Hardenby Farm
Berry Artjur W Hardenby Farm
Berry Elsie Hudson Croft
Berry Florence M School House
Bodley Donald Pleasant Pastures 2
Bodley Muriel D Pleasant Pastures 2
Booth Freda Mabel Camp Hill 1
Booth Herbert William Camp Hill 1
Booth Margaret Camp Hill 1
Brannan Flora Lower Top o'th Hill 2
Brannan John Lower Top o'th Hill 2
Broadbent Albert E Delight Farm
Broadbent Arnold "Ridgeway" Hey Lane
Broadbent Dennis Camp Hill 
Broadbent Emily "Ridgeway" Hey Lane
Broadbent Florrie Delight Farm
Broadbent Frank Camp Hill
Broadbent Geoffrey Camp Hill
Broadbent Llewellyn Delight Farm
Broadbent Winifred Camp Hill
Brook Cecil R Hardenby Cottage
Burgoyne Ellen Causeway Green Cottage
Burgoyne Patrick J Causeway Green Cottage
Cage Dorothy Shays Laithe
Cage Fred Shays Laithe
Carr Ernest Moorlands
Carr Mabel Moorlands
Crookers Edna O'cot Lane
Crookes Reginald O'cot Lane
Cowley Florence Chapel House Pole Moor
Cowley Frederick Curtis Chapel House Pole Moor
Crawshaw Ada Upper Royal George Hotel
Crawshaw Harry J Upper Royal George Hotel
Crossley Barbara Hind Hill
Crossley George Hind Hill
Crossley Wright Low Platt
Danielson Bernard Anton The Manse Pole Moor
Danielson Gene The Manse Pole Moor
Dawson Herbert Camp Hill
Donaldson Clifford Delph Cottage
Donaldson Margaret Delph Cottage
Doubleday Doreen Carr House
Doubleday William O Carr House
Driver Margaret Shaw Clough
Driver Philip Shaw Clough
Dyson Wilfrid White Lea Farm
Fairbank Elsie Mount Pleasant Farm
Fairbank Jack O Mount Pleasant Farm
Fairbank John Mount Pleasant Farm
Farrar Muriel Hardenby Farm
Farrar Ronald Hardenby Farm
Fearns Joan Moorgate
Fearns Lawrence Moorgate
Firth Elizabeth Wall Nook Cottage
Fox Donald Lower Hill Top
Fox Leslie Lower Hill Top
Fox Jessie  Broad Lea Farm
Garside Amy Lower Top o'th Hill 
Garside Elsie Pleasant Pastures 
Garside John Pleasant Pastures
Garside Mary Ellen Pleasant Pastures
Garside Brenda Alice Lower Top o'th Hill
Garside Stanley Lower Top o'th Hill
Garside Thomas R Lower Top o'th Hill
Gill Ernest Manor House
Gill Marjorie Manor House
Gledhill Malcolm Hey Croft Farm
Gledhill Margaret Hey Croft Farm
Hagreen Hilda M Turner House Cottage
Haigh Betty Brown Cow Hotel
Haigh Dorothy Ryefield
Haigh John A Ryefield
Hinchliffe Florry Spring Royd Farm
Hinchliffe Lawrence Spring Royd Farm
Hirst Ida Carr House
Hirst Teresa Broad Lee Farm
Hirst Willie Broad Lee Farm
Holdsworth Eddieson Han Head Farm
Holdsworth Emma Han Head Farm
Holdsworth Ida Han Head Farm
Holdsworth Ogden Han Head Farm
Home Arthur W Nont Sarah Hotel
Home Elsie Hardenby
Home Florence Nont Sarah Hotel
Home Frank R Hardenby
Horsfall Annie K Turner House Cottage
Hynes Fanny Carr Top Cottage 
Jakeway Donald Turner House 
Jakeway Nellie G Turner House
Jenkinson Kathleen Watermans House
Jenkins Lucy Ellen Watermans House
Jones Gladys Ann Upper Firth House
Jones Harry Upper Firth House
Johnson Ada Camp Hill
Johnson Arthur Stone Stile Farm
Johnson George Arthur Camp Hill
Johnson Martina Johanna Stone Stile Farm
Knight Dyson Wayside House Pole Moor
Knight Lilian Wayside House Pole Moor
Lea Maude Woodhouse Cottage Pole Moor
Lea Rowland Woodhouse Cottage Pole Moor
Lindley Frank Chapel Hill Farm
Lindley Sykes S Chapel Hill Farm
Local James Luke Deanhead Cottage
Local Kathleen Deanhead Cottage
Lockwood Doris Yews Farm
Lockwood Fred Yews Farm
Lofthouse Arthur Glen Hey
Lofthouse Derek A Glen Hey
Lofthouse Hilda C Glen Hey
Lumb Ellen Pole Royd
Lumb George Clay House Cottage
Lumb James Edwin Pole Royd
Lumb Lauie Pole Royd
Lumb Molly Clay House Cottage
Morton Crowther Hard End Farm
Morton Arthur W Hard End Farm
Mounter Florence Broad Lea Cottages
Mounter Tom Broad Lea Cottages
Oakes Gladys Shaw Clough
Ogden Frank Hollin Hey Farm
Pearson Joan M Woodhouse Cottages
Pearson Robert Woodhouse Cottages
Pogson Hannah Lower Royal George
Pogson Harry Lower Royal George
Porter Frank Brown Cow Hotel
Porter Margaret Brown Cow Hotel
Quarmby Carrie Green Slacks Farm
Quarmby John William Green Slacks Farm
Ridsdale Ida M Carr Top Farm
Ringrose Gorden Camp Hill
Ringrose Lilian Charlotte Andrea Camp Hill
Robertson Alexander L Shaw Clough
Rowe Ernest Lower Hill Top
Rowe Irene Lower Hill Top
Rowley Corrie Manor House
Rowley Laura Manor House
Rushworth Beral S Daisy Lea Farm
Rushworth Mabel L Daisy Lea Farm
Sandford Albert J Woodhouse Cottages
Sandford Bessie Woodhouse Cottages
Shackleton Eric Edgerton House
Shackleton Fred Edgerton House
Shackleton Irene Edgerton House
Shackleton Maud Edgerton House
Sharpe Eric Glen Hey
Sharpe Margaret Glen Hey
Shaw Mary Wayside Cottage
Shaw Norman Wayside Cottage
Shepherd Elizabeth Wood Farm
Shepherd Ernest Wood Farm
Spence Charles E Leyfield Farm
Spence Eileen Leyfield Farm
Sykes Mabel Hudson Croft
Sutcliffe Arthur Greenfield Lodge
Sutcliffe Francis Greenfield Lodge
Sutcliffe Mary L Greenfield Lodge
Taylor Cyril Pleasant Pastures
Taylor Edith Pleasant Pastures
Taylor Gertrude Woodhouse Cottages
Taylor Percy Forshaw Woodhouse Cottages
Thomas Charles William Glen Hey
Thomas Enid Glen Hey
Thomas Roy Glen Hey
Urban Eileen Hey Laithe Farm
Urlanski Evelyn Hey Lane Farm
Wade Dorothy Woodhouse Cottages
Wade Peter Woodhouse Cottages
Walker Eva Woodhouse Cottages
Walker Jack Woodhouse Cottages
Whiteley Florence Hudson Croft
Whiteley Norman Lower Royal George
Whiteley Rawson A Hudson Croft
Wilkinson Hervey Clay House Farm
Wilkinson Joel Clay House Farm
Wilkinson William Henry Clay House Farm
Wood Aggis O'cot Farm
Wood Gerald Haycroft Farm
Woolley Frederick A Camp Hill
Woolley Margaret Camp Hill

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