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Ackroyd Ada 6 Woodhouse
Ackroyd Mary Agnes 3 Carr Top
Ackroyd William Henry 6 Woodhouse
Armitage Frances 2 Woodhouse
Armitage Irene 5 Woodhouse
Armitage John Edward Great Field Head
Armitage Joseph Royal Ings Quebec Golcar
Armitage Vincent 2 Woodhouse
Armitage Wilfred 5 Woodhouse
Baker Alfred Deanhead Farm
Baker Frank Deanhead Farm
Baker Gladys Deanhead Farm
Barker Arnold Royal Ings Cottages
Barker Barbara Royal Ings Cottages
Barker Dora Royal Ings Cottages
Barker Emily Royal Ings Cottages
Bateman Gertrude Hey Laithe
Bateman James Henry Hey Laithe
Bated William Green Slacks
Beaumont Elizabeth Mary Croft House
Beaumont Fred Croft House
Beaumont Joseph Wilfred Croft House
Bentham Elizabeth Frances Greatfield Head
Berry Alice Hardenby
Berry Arthur Walker Hardenby
Berry Elsie Hudson Croft
Berry Florence May School House
Berry Rhoda Hudson Croft
Berry Thomas School House
Booth William 1 Camp Hill
Brown Robert Yews
Brown Ruth Yews
Carr Ernest Moorlands
Carr Mabel Moorlands
Crossley Edith Annie Low Platt
Crossley John Causeway Green
Crossley Wright Low Platt
Cullington Richard Joseph Broadlee
Davies Margareta 3 Woodhouse
Davies William 3 Woodhouse
Dawson Ann Hay Croft Farm
Dawson Edward Hay Croft Farm (joint)
Dawson Ellen 4 Camp Hill
Dawson Herbert  4 Camp Hill
Dawson Minnie Hay Croft Farm
Dransfield Dorothy Chapel House Pole Moor
Dransfield Percy Haydn Chapel House Pole Moor
Eastwood Ellen Shaw Clough
Fairbank Ada Mountpleasant
Fairbank Oliver Mount Pleasant
Fairbank John Mount Pleasant
Fielden Mary Ellen Broadlee
Fielden Samuel Broadlee
Firth Elizabeth 6 Camp Hill
Fox Leslie Yew Tree Cottage
Fox Jessie Yew Tree Cottage
Firth John Edward Wall Nook
Garside Joe Pleasant Pastures
Garside Winifred Pleasant Pastures
Gibson Agnes Delph Hill
Gibson John Chadwick Glen Hey
Gould James William Hardenby
Gould Mary Ann Naomi Hardenby
Gould Samuel Oliver Hardenby
Greaves Alice Turner House
Haigh Elsie Evelyn Ryefield
Haigh Harold Ryefield
Hepworth Bertha Carr Top
Hepworth Willie Carr Top
Hincliffe Joseph Spring Royd
Hirst Clarice Browwn Cow Hotel
Hirst Gladys Hollin Hey
Hirst Herbert Brown Cow Hotel
Hirst Hilda Carr House
Hirst Horace Herbert Carr House
Hirst Ida Carr House
Hirst John Bamford Ley Field
Hirst John Edward Hollin Hey
Houldsworth Eddison Han Head
Houldsworth Edith Han Head
Houldsworth Emma Han Head
Houldsworth Jonas Turner House
Houldsworth Ogden (senior) Han Head
Houldsworth Ogden (junior) Han Head
Houldsworth Rebecca Han Head
Hoyle Emily 2 Woodhouse
Hutchinson Elizabeth Jane Lower Hill Top
Hutchinson Paul Lower Hill Top
Hutchinson Ronald Lower Hill Top
Hynes Fanny Moorlands
Jenkins Leonard Waterman's House
Jenkins Lucy Ellen Waterman's House
Johnson Ada Stones Stile
Johnson Arthur Stones Stile
Johnson George Arthur Stones Stile
Kilner Ada 5 Camp Hill
Kilner George Lodge 5 Camp Hill
Knight Dyson Hardenby
Knight Lilian Hardenby
Lee Annie Moorlands
Lee Maude 1 Woodhouse
Lee Rowland 1 Woodhouse
Lister Frank Hey Lane
Lister Annie Hay Lane
Lockwood Frances Acre Head
Lumb Elizabeth 2 Camp Hill
Lumb Ellen New House Pole Royd
Lumb James Edwin New House Pole Royd
Lumb Laurie New House Pole Royd
Lumb Levi Lower Hill Top (joint)
Lumb Oliver 2 Camp Hill
Lumb Sarah Ann Lower Hill Top (joint)
Matthews Christopher Croft House (lower)
Matthews Emma Croft House (lower)
Mc Kean Emily Hardenby
McKean Frederick (senior) Hardenby
McKean Frederick (junior) Hardenby
Mellor Arthur Upper Royal George Inn
Mellor Edna Pole Moor
Mellor Lillian Upper Royal George Inn
Mellor Wright Pole Moor
Milson Elizabeth Mary Greenfield Lodge
Milson Henry Charlesworth Greenfield Lodge
Moffat Beatrice Shayes Laithe
Murray John 1 Carr Top
Murray Kathleen 1 Carr Top
Naylor John Shaw Clough
Naylor Nellie Shaw Clough
Neal Joseph 4 Woodhouse
Neal Lillian 4 Woodhouse
Pickard Clara Hudson Croft
Pickles Martha Hay Laithe
Quarmby Carrie Green Slacks
Quarmby John William Green Slacks
Read Charles Edward Heather House
Rigg Harry Nest Farm
Robinson Ivy Nont Sarah's Hotel
Robinson John William Nont Sarah's Hotel
Rowley Clark Kathleen Manor House
Schofiled Helen New Hey
Shackleton Alice Edgerton
Shackleton Fred Edgerton
Shackleton Maud Edgerton
Shackleton Lawrence Edgerton
Shaw Edith Royal Ings Cottages
Shaw Frank Royal Ings Cottages
Staniland Gertrude Daisy Lea
Staniland James Douglas Daisy Lea
Staniland Samuel Daisy Lea
Sutherland Alexander Brae Head Cottage
Sutherland Nellie Brae Head Cottage
Sykes Ammon Hudson Croft
Sykes Ethel Chapel Hill
Sykes Evely Hudson Croft
Sykes Hannah Friends' House
Sykes Irvin Berry Friends' House
Sykes Joe Hind Hill
Sykes John Chapel Hill
Sykes Mabel Hudson Croft
Sykes Mary Hudson Croft
Sykes Mary Shaw Clough
Sykes Tom Friends' House
Sykes Alice 3 Camp Hill
Sykes Bradley 3 Camp Hill
Thomas Charles William Ivy Cottage
Thomas Doris Lilian Ivy Cottage
Thornton Isabella Carr House
Tweed Aggis O'Cot
Tweed John Shayes Laithe
Tweed Lizzie O'Cot
Walker Agnes Mary Hardenby
Walker Ruth Hardenby
Ward Annie Elizabeth Hardend
Ward James Hardend
Wheelwright James Upper Firth House
Wheelwright Clara Jane Firth House Glen View Stainland
Wheelwright Florence Mary Firth House Glen View Stainland
Whiteley Florrie Hudson Croft
Whiteley Helena Royal George Inn
Whiteley Norman Royal George Inn
Whiteley Rawson Hudson Croft
Wilkinson Charles Clay House
Wilkinson Hervey Clay House
Wilkinson Joel Clay House
Wilkinson Tom Clay House
Wilkinson William Henry Clay House
Williams Bertha Delight Farm
Williams Raymond James Delight Farm
Woodhead Arnold Moor Gate
Woodhead Gladys Moor Gate

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