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Allen Gilbert Crofthouse
Allen Mary Ann Crofthouse
Armitage Ellen Stone Stile
Armitage Frances Woodhouse
Armitage John Edward Stone Stile
Armitage Joseph Royal Ings (Quebec Golcar)
Armitage Vincent Woodhouse
Armitage Wilfred Woodhouse
Barker Arnold Royal Ings Cottages
Barker Emily Royal Ings Cottages
Barnett William Woodhouse
Barnord Annie Wall Nook
Barnord Robert Wall Nook
Beaumont Elizabeth Mary Crofthouse
Beaumont Fred Crofthouse
Bentham Fred Scarr Moss (Stott Hall Risworth)
Beaumont John Herbert Crofthouse
Beaumont Joseph Wilfred Crofthouse
Berry Alice Hardenby
Berry Arthur Walker Hardenby
Berry Edgar Lower Hill Top
Berry Henry Hudson Croft
Berry Thomas Carr Top
Bostock Hannah Eliza Wood Cottage
Bostock Stanley Wood Cottage
Bottomley Arthur Hardend
Bottomley Edith Carr House (West End Slaithwaite)
Bottomley George Walker Hardend
Bottomley John Carr House (West End Slaithwaite)
Bottomley Sarah Hardend
Briggs Mary Hannah Scarr Bottom
Briggs William Kilburn Scarr Bottom
Broadbent Eric (Freehold on deed) Worts Hill Lane Scammonden
Tenant : Tweed Tom
Brown James J Mount Pleasant
Brown Mary Ellen Mount Pleasant
Castle Joseph Glen Hey
Clarke Robert Glen Hey
Crabtree Henry Ley Field
Crabtree Walker Crumwell Bottom Brighouse
Craven John Lane Side
Crossley Benjamin Green Slacks (joint) Law Platt Scammonden
Crossley Clara Hannah Causeway Green
Crossley Edith Ann Woodhouse
Crossley John J Causeway Green
Crossley Mary Hannah Law Platt (joint) Law Platt Scammonden
Crossley William Law Platt (joint) Law Platt Scammonden
Crossley Wright Woodhouse
Cullington Ada Broadlee
Cullington Richard Joseph Broadlee
Cumberland Emily Camp Hill
Cumberland William John Camp Hill
Denison William Edward Pole Moor
Dolmin Mark Lane Side
Dyson Emma Hey Lane
Dyson Thomas Henry Hey Lane
Dyson Eilliam Hey Lane
Eastwood Ellen Shaw Clough
Eastwood Fred Old House
Eastwood Gertrude Yews
Eastwood Lewis Frederick Shaw Clough
Eastwood Mary Annie Old House
Ellis Annie Hollin Hey
Ellis John Ely Hollin Hey
Evenson Ellen Camp Hill
Evenson John Edward Camp Hill
Fielden Mary Ellen Broadlee
Fielden Samuel Broadlee
Fielding Martha Hardenby
Firth Elizabeth Stalps
Firth John Edward Stalps
Gartside Emily Hey Croft
Gartside Hirst Hey Croft
Gartside John Hey Croft
Haigh Harold Steel House (Ryefield Scammonden)
Haigh James Albert Ley Field
Haigh Mary Rye Field
Hanson Hannah Maria (Ne Broadbent) Woodhouse
Hanson Joe (Broadbent) Woodhouse
Hardcastle Eliza Ann Camp Hill
Hardcastle Shaw Camp Hill
Harding John Clement Vicarage
Harding Sarah Ann Vicarage
Haye Sarah Hill Top
Haye William Hill Top
Hellawell Mary Jane Hardenby
Hill George Hey Laithe
Hincliffe Harriet Spring Royd
Hincliffe Jim West Scarr Lane Head
Hincliffe Joseph Spring Royd
Hincliffe Lucretia West Scarr Lane Head
Hirst Alice Howlet Hall (Eldon Outlane Moor)
Hirst John Bamford Leyfield
Hirst John Edward Hollin Hey (Steel Lane Barkisland)
Hirst Ida Carr House (West End Slaithwaite)
Hirst Jonathan Firth House Mill
Hirst Robert Howlet Hall (Eldon Outlane Moor)
Hirst Sarah Firth House Mill
Houchen Clarence O'cot
Houldsworth Edith Han Head
Houldsworth Ogen Han Head
Hoyle Herbert Ivy Cottage
Hutton Charles Carr House (West End Slaithwaite)
Hutton Winifred Carr House (West End Slaithwaite)
Hynes Fanny Moorlands (joint)
Hynes Martha Moorlands (joint)
Jagger Joe Willie Forest Cottage
Jagger Joseph Steel House (Ryefield Scammonden)
Jagger Lucy Ann Steel House (Ryefield Scammonden)
Johnstone Aline Whitelee
Johnstone John Thomas Whitelee
Keep Elsie Hardenby
Keep William Henry Hardenby
Kilner Ada O'cot
King George Lodge O'cot
Landen Edna Whitelee
Landen William Whitelee
Lane Mary Jane Edgerton
Lane Samuel Richard Edgerton
Lee Ada Moorlands (joint)
Lister Evelyn Mary Forest Farm
Lister Helen Forest Farm
Lloyd Horace Hay Croft Farm
Lockwood Frances Acre Head
Lockwood James Acre Head
Long Lily Hudson Croft
Long Nathamel Stuart Hudson Croft
Lumb Elizabeth Ann Greenfield Lodge
Lumb Ellen Pole Royd
Lumb James Edwin Pole Royd
Lumb Levi  Lower Hill Top (joint)
Lumb Mary Elizabeth           House
Lumb Robinson           House
Lumb Robinson Greenfield Lodge
Lumb Sarah Ann Lower Hill Top (joint)
Lumb Walker Tanner House
Marshall Frank Camp Hill
Marshall D Camp Hill
Mc Kean Emily Woodhouse
Mc Kean Frederick Woodhouse
Mellor Emmeline Pole Moor
Mellor Wright Pole Moor
Mellor Emily Jane New Hey
Nash Alice Mary The Manse
Nash George William The Manse
Naylor John O'cot
Naylor Nellie O'cot
North Emily Chapel Hill
North Harry Swift Chapel Hill
Northrop Frances Brown Cow Inn
Northrop George Ross J Brown Cow Inn
Parkin Ernest Hardenby
Parkin Jane Hardenby
Parkinson Arthur School House
Parkinson Rose Hannah School House
Rigg Ada Nest Farm
Rigg Harry Nest Farm
Rowley Elizabeth Manor House
Rowley Sam Manor House
Royston Frank Marsland Camp Hill
Ahaw Joseph Lower Crofthouse Cop Hill Slaithwaite
Shaw Wilfred Workhill
Shepherd Alfred New Hey
Shepherd Lily New Hey
Simpson George Wall Nook
Simpson Lucy Wall Nook
Smart Frances Ellen May Spring Head
Asmart George Spring Head
Smith Elizabeth Helena Nont Sara's Hotel
Smith Joe Nont Sara's Hotel
Smithies William Woodhouse
Steele Ellen Edgerton
Steele George Edgerton
Samner James Arthur Heather House
Sunley George Nont Sarah Hotel
Sutcliffe Henry News
Sutherland Alexander Brac Head Cottage
Sutherland Nellie Brac Head Cottage
Sykes Ammon Hudson Croft
Sykes Ben Hudson Croft
Sykes Benjamin Berry Chapel Hill
Sykes Eliza Ellen Upper Royal George
Sykes Elizabeth Ann Hind Hill
Sykes Ethel Chapel Hill
Sykes Hannah Friends House
Sykes Henry Moss
Sykes Henry O'cot
Sykes James Friends House
Sykes James Upper Royal George
Sykes Joe Hind Hill
Sykes John Hind Hill
Sykes John Chapel Hill
Sykes Martha Ellen Hudson Croft
Sykes Sarah Hind Hill
Sykes Thomas Royal Ings Cottages
Taylor William Pleasand Pastures
Tweed David Ley Field
Tweed Elizabeth Hannah Ley Field
Tweed John Shays Laithe
Tweed  O'cot
Tweed Lizzie O'cot
Tweed Tom (Tenant) Worts Hill Lane Scammonden
Tyreman Edwin Wood
Walker Anne Spring Grove Barkisland
Walker Arthur Pleasant Pastures
Wlaker George Moss
Walker Louie Pleasant Pastures
Walker Ruth Moss
Ward John Heather House
Waterhouse James Henry Camp Hill
Wheelwright James Hey Farm
Wheelwright Clara Jane Firth House Mill
Wheelwright Joel Firth House Mill
Whitley Helena Royal George Inn
Whitley Norman Royal George Inn
Whitley Peter Robert Royal George Inn
Wilkinson Charles Clay House
Wilkinson Joel Clay House
Wilkinson Hervey Clay House Farm
Wilkinson Tom Clay House
Wilkinson William Henry Clay House
Williams Beatrice Yew Tree Cottage
Williams Bertha Delight Farm
Williams Raymond James Delight Farm
Wilson James Delph Hill
Woodward Ada Pleasant Pastures

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