Scammonden 1910 Electrol Roll

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Armitage John West Scarr Scammonden
Barrett John New Hey
Beaumont Fred Croft House
Berry Henry Hudson Croft
Berry John Walker Hardenby
Berry Thomas Carr Top
Bottomley John Royal Ings
Bottomley Joseph Carr House
Broadbent Luke (Freehold on deed) Worts Hill Lane Scammonden
Tenant : George H Whiteley
Stone Merchant
Clay Sam Hardenby
Crossley John Hey Laithe
Eastwood Benjamin Old House
Fairbank Oliver Firth House Mills
Firth James Clay House
France James Chapel Hill
Gartside John Hard End
Gledhill George Edgerton
Haigh Amos Causeway Green
Haigh George Woodhouse
Haigh James Albert Yews
Haigh John Henry Rye Field Barkisland
Hirst Edwin Spring Royd
Hirst John Carr House
Hopwood Joe Willie Hardenby
Hoyle Adam Delph Hill
Lumb James Edwin O'cot
Lumb John Lower Top o'th Hill
Lumb John Wall Nook
Lumb Robinson Turner House
Parkin Arthur Forest
Raper John Henry Owlett Hall
Reynoldson John New Hey
Rudd George Brown Cow Hotel
Schofield John Henry Bay Horse Inn
Schofield Younger Forest
Schofield Younger Scarr Bottom
Shaw David Pole Moor
Simpson Richard Commercial Inn
Smithies William Chapel Hill
Sykes Ammon Hudson Croft
Sykes Benjamin Lighton Lawn
Sykes Benjamin Berry Camp Hill
Sykes Edward Mount Pleasant
Sykes Henry Hardenby
Sykes James Camp Hill
Sykes Lewis Lane End
Turner Thomas Henry Hay Croft
Tweed David Ley Field
Tweed John Shaw's Laithe
Tweed Levi Haw Cot
Walker George George Tavern
Wheelwright Joel Glen View
Wheelwright Levi Glen View Birkby Huddersfield
Whitaker Jonathan Chapel Hill
Whiteley Peter Robert Royal George Inn
Wilksin Charles Pole Royd
Wright Foulds Shoulder of Mutton Inn

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