Golcar, Huddersfield West Yorkshire

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The Building Project in Progress......

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Site before any work started Mobile saw used to cut oak beams Oak beams being cut
Digging test to check site Old dwelling house infilled and ready to be dug out Original 1300AD house window buried under infill
First layer of earth dug out Digging out almost complete Digging out in progress
Drains in and base down Retaining wall and steps taking shape Retaining wall and steps underway
Retaining wall getting higher House walls going up Steps and old house with medieval windows
Crane used to lift beams and door lintel in place Beam lifted into place Door lintel lifted into place
Inside wall - oak beam in place View from drive Now up to the first floor
Steps almost finished Side view of retaining wall Entrance to first floor
First floor mullions going in View from inside Steps and entrance to first floor
First floor mullions View of first floor doorway Side view of end of house
View of house wall facing first floor entrance steps Side view of house Main view of house
Steel bar to support roof been craned into place Oak beams for floor lifted into place Inside view of house
Front Gable with date stones in place Who's this on the scaffolding? Car parking area cleared
First floor joists in place and steel bar to support roof Floor joists in place Car parking area view of gable
Roof walling built up to tie in roof to existing house Final joists in place View from inside of third floor mullions
Roof felting and cut-out for velux windows Roof spars View from car parking area
Gable roof with heritage velux windows Roof almost complete Scaffolding down and dry-stone wall built to compliment the house

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