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Pole Moor Graveyard Price List

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Purchase of Burial Plots

  • A double burial plot is available for 2 person. Price £1625.00
  • (Note: Excluding digging and vaulting costs of burial plot.)

Cremated Remains Plots

  • Cremated Remains, Family Plot for four people is available. Price £1000.00
  • Cremated Remains, Family Plot for two people is available. Price £500.00
  • Cremated Remains, for one person is available. Price £300.00


  • Interment (Opening up of vault) for burial (Excluding digging fee). Price £550.00
  • Interment of cremated remains into a burial plot for burial (Excluding digging fee). Price £500.00
  • Interment of cremated remains into a plot for cremated remains(Including digging fee). Price £300.00

Other Charges

  • Purchase of Burial Plot For Use of Cremations. Price £200
  • Transfer of ownership of exclusive right of burial. Price £50
  • Cancellation of burial (If a grave has been prepared). Price £500
  • Cancellation of interment of cremated remains NO CHARGE.
  • Short notice of burial (less than 72 hours notice. Price £100
  • Insufficient room for interment (burial) following a request to open an existing grave. Price £200
  • Exhumation of a grave. Price £POA
  • Loss of receipt and new receipt to be issued (from June 2015). Price £25
  • Permission for placing a headstone or plaque on the plot. NO CHARGE
  • Winter and summer planting of grave with annuals (for 1 year). Price £100
  • Single extract search of burial registers. NO CHARGE

Terms & Conditions

  • Ownership of an exclusive right of burial does not imply ownership of the land itself or the right to carry out any particular activity on the grave plot.The land is still owned by Robert Broadbent, however, it does allow the owner to decide who may be buried there and whether or not yo have a memorial headstone.
  • This is the responsibility of the owner of the burial plot.
  • If a headstone or grave becomes unsafe, the owner of the graveyard has the right to either remove the headstone or infill or make safe the grave (prior to this, all owners of any unsafe plot would be contacted in the first instance where possible.
  • The owner of the graveyard has the right to remove any trees or shrubs which may be planted in the burial plot that are deemed too large.
  • Robert Broadbent (owner of Pole Moor Graveyard) will not be held responsible for any damage caused to a grave or memorial, except where it can be proven, that the damage is the result of grave digging or grounds maintenance operations.
  • It is strongly recommended that memorials are insured against all eventualities, your chosen stone mason may be able to assist you with this. All vases, statues, plants and flowers etc. that are left on graves are left at the owners risk and it is recommended that such unfixed items are marked with the grave number and the name of the deceased to identify them and reduce thier value to possible theft.
  • Anyone witnessing any criminal act in the graveyard should report the matter to the local police and to Robert Broadbent.
  • If a plot for exclusive right of burial has been purchased after June 2015, the owner of the plot will be sent (via recorded post) a receipt confirming the purchase and the plot details. Upon use of the plot, the owner (or family) will be expected to produce the receipt.
  • For any further information or queries, please telephone 0777 5852417
  • Robert Broadbent

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