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Broadbent Family Rentals for Pole Moor Area - 1549 to 1551

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Name of Owner (Freehold) Name of Proprietor or Tenant Name of Sub Tenant Location of Land / Property Rent Collected
Robert Brodbent Edward Halle - Wortshill (Pole House) Included In Total Rent Collection  
Peter Brodbent Robert Brodbent - Wortshill (Pole House) 0'2'0  
Peter Brodbent Robert Brodbent - Spring Slacks (Goat Hill End) 0'3'0  
Robert Brodbent - - Spring Slacks (Goat Hill End) -  
Robert Brodbent John Sykes - Pole Hey, (Onely House), Moorside -  
Robert Brodbent William Tomson - Pole Hey, (Onely House), Moorside 2'13'8  
(Total Includes Scammonden) Total: 24


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